Although we may not have met yet, I’d like to thank you for taking a moment to visit the New Hope website. I hope you have found it has helped to answer some of your questions.

In the course of a typical week, I meet people in the greater metro area who often ask me what it is that explains the growth of New Hope. I often wish I could take them to the Auditorium of our facility in Haslett where they would find a very small plaque located on a shelf of the pulpit. Only a handful of people are even aware of its presence, yet I am constantly mindful of the convicting power of the words. It reads like this:

“His throne is the pulpit; he stands in Christ’s stead; his message is the Word of God; around him are immortal souls; the Savior, unseen, is beside him; the Holy Spirit broods over the congregation; angels gaze upon the scene, and heaven and hell await the issue. What associations and what vast responsibility!”

It requires several very slow and intentional attempts at reading through the quote to comprehend what is really being said. The statement comes from a pastor who lived in the 1800s, and it is evident to me he fully grasped the “vastness of the responsibility.” I asked for the plaque to be placed there for no other reason than to remind me every time I step on to the stage that God is the ultimate witness to the words about to be spoken. The magnitude of the task we have before us in the work of the church of Jesus is as decisive as it gets. There is no greater issue than where a man or woman stands in relation to God.

When we launched New Hope a few short years ago it was with the specific intent to make the Word of God clear and understandable, yet applicable to every facet of our lives. As a result of this intentional focus on His Word, we would see the Nature and Character of God revealed, and we would trust God for the outcomes. It is an awesome experience to watch God at work in the lives of people when they begin to understand His plan and purposes for them. The transformation which takes place is nearly indescribable in human terms. We grasp for words to explain what we see around us on a weekly basis at New Hope. Suffice it to say the awareness of watching as “the Holy Spirit broods over the congregation” is unlike anything the world has to offer.

Knowing the God of the Universe, personally walking with Him through the sacrificial love of Christ Jesus His Son, and experiencing all that He has in store for you… that’s what New Hope is about.

Pastor Mark