Purpose and Core Values

New Hope Purpose Statement

The purpose of this church is to glorify God by producing maturing followers (disciples) of Jesus Christ through the four scriptural principles of Learning, Loving, Worship and Prayer.

New Hope Membership and Core Values

Becoming part of New Hope is an expression of the fact that we have identified ourselves with Christ, in the same way that Jesus’ disciples were identified with Him during His ministry, or in the way that the early New Testament Christians lived life together that distinguished them in the communities of their day. Membership at New Hope is not about rights and privileges, nor does it confer any automatic favor from God or guarantee eternal life with Him. Rather, membership publicly affirms that we intend to follow Christ together in a way that brings every aspect of our individual lives into alignment with His unique purposes for us.

Membership at New Hope is not a requirement for worshiping or serving in the church, but it is an affirmation of our unity of belief and purpose, as well as a commitment to develop and use our unique gifts in this community of believers as we learn to love, serve and encourage each other. Members of New Hope are committed to four foundational values: Learning, Loving, Worship and Prayer. Learning speaks to our desire to know our God more fully and to obey Him more completely. Loving represents the mutual care and concern we express toward each other and those God brings into contact with us. Worship is not only what happens on Sunday morning, but the whole direction of our life with God. Finally, Prayer is the way that we communicate with God and unleash His power to transform our lives and advance His Kingdom on earth.