Available to Serve

How do we make ourselves available to serve God's purposes?

As we continue to meet and serve together, we'll be growing together too.  Here are the most important expectations and aspects of what it means to be available for the worship team.

1. That you are, even when you are all by yourself, a worshipper.  You are not willfully and/or knowingly inviting Satan into our fellowship through behavior or activities that give him a stronghold in your life.

2. You make every effort to properly prepare for rehearsals and services.  You listen, sing, and play along with recordings, pluck out notes on your piano at home if you can, and get involved in not only the notes and chords, but with the purpose and intention of our worship.

3. You use the online schedule and calendar to keep yourself informed about when and where you are supposed to be.

4. You respond and submit an availability schedule for yourself to the best of your ability.  And when schedules change and things come up that are higher priority than your commitment to serve the church on the worship team, you let me know as soon as possible so I can make other arrangements.

You can do it!  Step up and SERVE!

To God be all the glory!
Michael Glenn
Worship Leader
New Hope, a biblical community